The Rosary Mysteries
Rosary Novena Mysteries

Ritual for Healing Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness

Through giving the new age rosary you tie your heart to the heart of beloved Mother Mary and she returns to you her love and assistance along the path of life. To stop war, disease and pain, to transmute your misery of depression, anxiety and loneliness will require personal sacrifice, the dedication of your whole being to God. Are you ready for this, both the blessings you receive and the sacrifice you make?

The daily new age Rosary blazes energy through your aura, spinning the atoms and electrons of your  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, changing negative concepts and filling gaps with Light.

You hold a mighty formula which if applied with constancy and faith, will:

  • change your consciousness
  • create new thoughts and emotions
  • bring peace and healing to your soul and your four lower bodies
  • increase your awareness and understanding and
  • heal your personal and financial circumstances.

Perpetual Devotion ties you to the Heart of Mary

“…Devotion to my Immaculate Heart ought to be a perpetual prayer vigil. If but one heart should continue the rosaries unbroken, then you will know the strengthening of the cord–the cord of life from the Heart of Mother Omega through my own Heart to the hearts of those on earth whose flames flicker, whose flames have gone out.….

Who will understand the world equation and the forces of Darkness that are not spent and those that come from the levels of Death and Hell to torment the Lightbearers (the children of God)? ….

O the mantras of perpetual prayer!  These are what establish and reinforce the ties of your heart to the intimacy of the secret chamber of my Heart….

Individuals do not understand that they are in bondage to their own states of consciousness, their own limitations, their own ambitions, their own desires….
Establish a profound peace in God. Be not moved whatever is the next turn of events in your life. Hold fast to me.”
Mother Mary. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 35 No. 34

Nurture God’s Energy – Give a Daily New Age Rosary

  • When you consistently recite the Rosary, a garland of Light is woven around you.
  • Light from the rosary is anchored in the physical plane and protects you in time of need.
  • Your inner flame, the God-Flame in the secret chamber of your heart chakra is nurtured and balanced by consistently giving the Rosary.
  • Change happens day by day as you give the rosary.
  • As you attune your energies to God during the recitation of the new age rosary, you grow in higher consciousness.
  • You react less to the experiences of your life here.
  • You become more balanced in your emotional nature.
  • The rosary heals you. There are countless examples of miracles of healing through divine intercession of Mother Mary and recitation of the rosary.
  • The perpetual prayer to the rosary ties you to the divine heart of beloved Mother Mary.
  • This is a new age rosary. It reinforces you are a son or daughter of God and you can have victory over sin, disease and death.

Testimonial to Holiness of the Rosary

“….No matter how many times I give the rosary, each time as I meditate on the scriptural verses, I receive a new revelation of some inner meaning. It is as if I am right there with Jesus as each event unfolds. I think about Jesus, his path, what he must have thought and felt and how it relates to me today. It is so wondrous to me that I can hear and give the verses over and over again, yet each time there is another meaning revealed.

….there is something so very special about the alchemy of giving the scriptural rosaries in their newly recorded format with a hymn to Mother Mary before and after. I feel they are one of the missing keys for me to restore the holiness to my daily life and service. They bring me a grace of harmony, centeredness, peace and a pool of love in my heart that enables me to greet all that the day brings with joy. The prayers at the end of the rosary–the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart and the Fatima Prayers–remind me of the great purpose of it all:  to serve others and to bring the Teachings to all the Lightbearers….

Thank you for the gift of these precious rosaries and for your unending love. It is truly my privilege to serve in this Holy Community.”
I AM the Witness. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 35 No. 47

My Story of Devotion to Mother Mary

I didn’t really have much familiarity with Mother Mary except from bible stories heard in church. I did play her once during a church Christmas pageant.

When I came into the ascended master teachings, it seemed the most natural thing to begin giving a new age rosary every day. My step-son and I gave the Child’s rosary together every morning before he went to school. It is a nice ritual and takes only 15 minutes.

While attending a 12-week Summit University course, one of the ascended master sponsors was Mother Mary. We gave daily rosaries during SU which greatly strengthened my inner tie to Mother Mary.

During Summit University, what most troubled me was an attraction to a man working on staff. Although we never talked, I saw him daily and thought about him constantly.

One day, I knelt in prayer before the statue of Mother Mary at the Altar and begged to have a change in my mind so this continual mental obsession would stop.

Instead, I received a great shock because she showed me a vision of the inner tie I have to this man.

I saw him as though he was kneeling next to me at the Altar, wearing the grey suit which he wore all the time. A Solar Ring linked us together, a blazing ring of yellow fire connecting us at the level of our solar plexus chakra.

The answer might not be what you expect, yet every prayer is answered. I would like to say things changed after receiving this vision, but I pondered it instead of acting on the information. For me, this has been one of the grand tests on the path.

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Firmly establish your inner tie to higher energy with the prayers and decrees provided. The Mother can be present with you and assist you anytime, especially when you give her energy with spoken prayers and decrees. Mother Mary is as close as your heart. She loves you and always will.

Pray the new age rosary every day. Be enfolded in the Mantle of Mother Mary.