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When You Keep a Perpetual Prayer Novena to Mother Mary
You are Tied to Her Heart

….O the mantras of perpetual prayer!  These are what establish and reinforce the ties of your heart to the intimacy of the secret chamber of my Heart.

I come, then, with a sword and with the strength of a mighty rope to tie you ever more tightly to my Heart. Beloved, you must sustain [this rope]. And therefore you must be willing to look at the corners of darkness and to bring that to the light which must be examined and considered, perhaps reconsidered, and either passed into the flame for transmutation or be fired with permanency.
Individuals do not understand that they are in bondage to their own states of consciousness, their own limitations, their own ambitions, their own desires.
Prepare for the morrow and transmute your yesterdays lest they besmirch your tomorrows with those footprints of a past karma that will trip your soul and even shorten your life span if you are not careful. I say to you, Be careful!.. Be careful of that which lurks beneath the surface of world events and of your own consciousness.

Establish a profound peace in God.

Be not moved whatever is the next turn of events in your life. Hold fast to Mother Mary.

There is a darkness of the soul and the dark night of the soul. There is a darkness of karma and then there is a world darkness. Do not be asleep.

Be centered in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and you will find a position of wholeness, equanimity of mind, peace in the midst of turmoil or war or sudden changes. Be not moved by anything that comes suddenly upon your house.

Adapted from Mother Mary. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 35, No. 34.

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